The best senior leaders we’ve seen are the ones who are consistently self-aware & who recognise they must keep learning, growing, developing & adapting to the continually changing organisational, team & customer needs. We help senior leaders do just that.

“The greatest enemy of good leadership is the illusion of great leadership”. Simon Smith, ICFA Coach of the Year 2013“

It can be isolated at the top. No-one can do it all on their own. We take a very human approach. Some may disagree ;-), but Senior Leaders are still human beings. They need external coaches, mentors & support as much as, if not more than, anyone. The weight of responsibility gets heavier as you climb the ladder. The thumbscrews of competition, egos, expectations, pressure to perform, etc really start to tighten. It’s often hard to ask for advice from peers or bosses; harder with staff. Blame is readily apportioned: “The fish rots from the head” is often heard.

We work with each leader or group of leaders to give them the development & support they & their organisation need.All our Senior Leader programs are bespoke or highly tailored to individual needs. Executive Coaching is always bespoke.

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