This course assists participants in developing practical skills to build strength within their team to achieve greater and more consistent results within the workforce.

This course builds from the individual-up, looking at the key motivators of the team and the individuals who comprise it focusing on strengthening their interpersonal skills. Particularly on building trust, clear communication and swift, effective conflict management.

This course improves both group and individual commitment, developing accountability and achieving results together.

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What People Say

"Better understanding of team members and how we can work together as one team. The action focused component was incredibly useful"

“Good to apply learnings and work as a broader team. Group...

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What It Achieves

  • Understanding yourself and your teamBuilding trust and developing team accountabilities
  • Enhancing your communication abilities
  • Creating a shared vision
  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Developing better communication across the team using EQ
  • Creating a results...
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