This program explores the fundamentals of performance management and how to manage staff to increase productivity, engagement and career objectives. It incorporates best practice principles in managing performance and improving performance, and can incorporate the public sector guidelines. The program’s ethos is that most people do not come to work to do a bad job, & that most under-performance is often due to a complex interplay of a range of factors including: poor communication, a lack of positive and/or constructive feedback, lack of understanding of requirements/ goals, etc, personal issues & needs not being understood or met, interpersonal or cultural differences not being acknowledged or resolved, poor teamwork, mismatch of skills & capabilities, etc.

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What People Say

"We achieved everything we wished for"

"..this has turned it around absolutely"

What It Achieves

  • improve team or organisations performance and productivity
  • happier, more motivated and better performing employees
  • addressing and improving poor communication, acknowledging a mismatch of skills & capabilities, improving/implementing positive/constructive feedback,...
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