An extremely practical program (with 1-on-1 coaching). It uses the principles of neuroscience to teach practical, strength-based leadership skills to empower leaders and their staff to deliver optimal performance in the real world workplace. Leaders will take away practical tools that they can implement immediately. The ethos is based on ensuring a just, consistent and enabling approach for both managers and team members. It is also aligned with the NSW Performance Management Framework. The program covers:

  • How to identify the talents and strengths of individuals and build on them to boost performance
  • How to build ongoing team engagement
  • How to keep individuals connected to long term organisational goals, team vision and strategy
  • How to use that shared vision of goals and direction to underpin sustained performance excellence
  • How to build and sustain relevant role clarity
  • How to set expectations on all sides and keep them current
  • How to set up a situation where both manager and reports feel enabled and heard
  • How to maintain functioning relationships and conversations with team members
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    What People Say

    "Good management practice – lots of practical ideas for working with difficult staff and productivity increases" Manager, NGO

    “Best leadership training I've ever done. Very practical stuff...

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    What It Achieves

  • Create an enabling, strengths-based team culture where people are recognised for a job well done and given practical support to develop, maintain and improve performance
  • Proactively eliminate and prevent many factors that lead to poor performance
  • Boost performance and...
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