Our Executive Coaching is renowned for results. 7 unique facets make our Executive Coaching some of the best in the world:
1. Our unique Coach/Coachee Matching Matrix™ (patent pending) for matching coaches to coachees (we've never got a coach match wrong since we started in 2006).
2. A growing team of 28 deeply experienced Executive Coaches who have collectively delivered tens of thousands of hours of Executive Coaching, from new manager to C-Suite level. ALL our coaches are qualified & experts in their field. Our CEO was awarded the ICF Australia Coach of the Year 2013.
3. Our innovative pre-coaching process to define Objectives & clear Measures of Success before the Executive Coaching starts, defined in writing in our Executive Coaching Outline. This also clearly defines Confidentiality & Feedback parameters, and rewards/ consequences.
4. A check-point early in the Executive Coaching to assess if the coachee is 'coachable'. If not, the coaching ceases & the organisation only gets billed for the initial coaching sessions - low risk for the organisation in these times where budgets are often scarce.
5. All our Executive Coaching programs are always completely bespoke & tailored to the organisation's & coachee's specific needs.

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What People Say

"This Executive Coaching has turned it around absolutely. I never like to have to performance manage staff, but I don't need to now, its been great, the coaching has achieved everything we wished...

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What It Achieves

Our Executive Coaching is applied in many areas, e.g.

  • Stepping up: a new promotion
  • Emotional Intelligence & self-awareness
  • Political Intelligence & Influencing
  • Leading Cultural Change
  • Career Management
  • Transition from a technical to leadership/ strategic role
  • Team...
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