This course is different! Unlike many courses, participants implement the learning as the training progresses! As trainers take participants through the course, they stop & assist people to implement the necessary actions in the real world there & then. If an IT training room isn’t available, then trainer will go through the theory then later spend one-on-one time with participants back at their desks to assist with implementation.

This is not a technical course, but a how to apply best-practice Time Management principles to Outlook (or another email client) to change habits, save time & vastly improve productivity. The program delivers immediately useable, very practical tools, tips, methods and frameworks that actually work in the real world & some amazing short cuts & tips to use Outlook to its best practical advantage.

As a result of this course, staff will miss less deadlines, stress less, be more productive & get more done & get back up to 1 hour+ per day to spend on the important tasks (or go home earlier!) – and get their inboxes down to ZERO unread emails!

This training doesn't just focus on emails - it shows people practical best-practice time management principles & applies them to the real world, using Outlook as a tool to facilitate real change.

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What People Say

“The Outlook training has been the best, most practical training I have ever received. It has totally reduced my feelings of being overwhelmed and has reduced “email stress” immensely. I...

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What It Achieves

  • Increased productivity through being more efficient & effective (do more with less)
  • Staff stress less - less likelihood of burnout and absence from work
  • Deadlines are more likely to be met
  • Get inboxes down to ZERO unread emails and sustain this ongoing
  • Better...
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