Coping with & Resilience to Change empowers staff to cope with even extreme change, & gives them skills & models to help them build resilience to it: even extreme change e.g. restructures, agency/ office/ team mergers, staff losing jobs, etc.

Winston Churchill said: "when you're going through hell - keep going!" This course does just that - it helps people take responsibility for their futures & more importantly, take action.

We've had proven results, delivering the course to nearly 1000 front line & back office staff & managers, maintaining good productivity even in very demanding circumstances.

Change is natural & inevitable, but it can be tough - people can feel overwhelmed  scared, emotional & angry. This course equips people to cope with & build resilience to change & keep functioning & moving forward.

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What People Say

"Awesome course well presented. I no longer feel suicidal! Thanks!"

"Could relate all topics to professional and personal life. Will be able to use processes to assist in coping with changes in my...

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What It Achieves

  • Staff are ready for change and have the knowledge to handle its sometimes adverse effects
  • Fear of change is combated before it compromises the effectiveness of the workforce 
  • An understanding of the importance of emotional factors upon yourself and others
  • Practical...
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