Our proven Managing Conflict Training offers best practice conflict management solutions – very practical tools, tips, methods and frameworks that actually work in the real world. This course like pretty much every program we run can be adapted, tailored and customised to the individual needs, scenarios and situations of every client. In fact, we prefer to do that.

The Managing Conflict  course is applicable to and can be adapted to a wide range of scenarios from front line client / counter...

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What People Say

"The presenters were very engaging and funny and very informative and relevant to not just work but everyday life as well"

"Being able to personalise/ tailor the course to our specific roles was...

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What It Achieves

  • NSW Public Sector Capability Framework: this course covers capabilities which includes, Influence and Negotiate, Display Resilience and Courage, manage Self, Communicate Effectively and Work Collaboratively
  • Learn how to diffuse tension and get people talking...
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